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The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.
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Re: The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.

GaryB2 wrote:
About as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit, I'd say.

Fair play to you though CP you have been friendly. I'm generalising.

Like I wrote before, the board hasn't been very active. That doesn't equal unfriendly, just slow and perhaps a bit lazy about posting. We could probably wake people up a bit if stimulating conversation were started, and people made the effort. But you know, a lot of the people who are "regulars" on there, checking in once in a while, are also on here, many of them longtimers, but not necessarily people who post often.

I myself feel spread thin, between here, facebook, the gs, and a few other things. So new folk could help give the place some renewed energy perhaps. Or not, but I personally think it would be nice.

About the cliquey thing, I think it really just has to do with some people knowing each other after so many years. If we talk to each other like old friends sometimes, it's because we truly are, but it does not mean we don't welcome new folks.

Jun 10, 2011, 17:25


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