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*I give up*
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*I give up*

I tried.

Talking gently, showing respect, listening, showing no respect, swearing, being direct, insulting, complimentary, critical, positive, encouraging and all stations in between - and nothing works. I tried to reason with him and get him to limit his madness to one thread.

We are still stuck with a load of bullshit from 78 sluss clogging up the forum. It's just going to get worse in my opinion - he has now registered another three or four bullshit names to widen the scope of his insane posts. It's over for me - I give up. I'm afraid I have much better things to give my time to.

Very sad really. I feel sorry for the groop - I honestly think it's time to pull the plug now before this maniac does some serious damage to the memory of the band in the eyes of the world. He's 'ripping a c***t' in all of our heads and I for one have had enough of it.


Jun 30, 2011, 17:04