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iPod classic on shuffle
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: iPod classic on shuffle

hito wrote:
Yours is certainly more obscure than mine. Did you give it a listen?
Part of the joy I got from this exercise is that it was like listening to the radio. I didn't pick the tracks, I roughly know most of the albums but I just didn't know what was coming. I remember that facebook thing but the premise seemed to be a bit of a "look at my collection". I liked listening first then looking and typing later.
As I said originally, I don't know how the pod can come up with so many good tracks in some sense of organisation. There are undulations between the sounds and bands but rarely is there a cliff, yawning chasm or sudden drop.

Yes I did listen - and really enjoyed (although I deleted the Spike Jones track before getting all the way through it). It was such an odd mix of stuff. I was going to say that the shuffle/DJ chose some of the poorer tracks, but it all kind of went together nicely - in a 'Late Junction' way, if you know what I mean.

I tend to burn music I like onto CD and then often delete from iTunes, so the library is not really all my favourite stuff - more like a holding bay for me to (eventually) sort through.

Jul 08, 2011, 09:49


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