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iPod classic on shuffle
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Re: iPod classic on shuffle

Harold Bissonette wrote:
I don't do the Lottery, but read someone saying that there is a way of at least narrowing down your chances of winning by understanding the way random 'patterns' can work. In theory if you chose 123456 you are as likely to win as by choosing any other set of numbers. But in reality there is nearly always a mixture of a fairly even spread and clusters. So, you actually have more chance to win if you put say three numbers in the twenties (or any other row) and then a rough spread in your other numbers. Something like that.

There is no way of narrowing down your odds in a true* lottery scenario. To imply that any single number near the mean would have a higher rate of occurrence would of course only apply to a classic "bell curve" population, but in a lottery there is one example (in the form of a ball) of each number and no correlation between any of the balls in the population. So therefore the theory that "1 2 3 4 5 6" is as likely a combination as any other single combination of numbers.

*as opposed to a "rigged" lottery, in which the best way to narrow down your odds is to be in on the scam

Jul 09, 2011, 23:03


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