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iPod classic on shuffle
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Re: iPod classic on shuffle

Now I tried the same thing with Winamp and had first thought it was more random. However, when I looked closely at the list (I wasn't listening as intently), I saw that it also repeatedly played REM (thrice), Fantomas (3 times in 18 songs), DJ Krush (3 times within 6 songs including two from the same album), Aus twice in 14 songs (and I only have one 8 song album), Sentridoh twice from the same album within three songs. All this and more within 80 tracks. Now I have 77 fantomas tracks (why?), 192 REM, 254 DJ Krush and 21494 overall. So there is a good chance of hitting Krush etc. I did get one Stereolab out of 277 and one Buttholes out of 274 but no Residents out of 213, no PJ Harvey out of 154.

The other kooky thing that happened was that I listened to my iPod on the same list and had more repeats (including two Crystal Stilts when I only have one album) but the the funny thing was The Prophet Song by Queen played and it ends all acoustic like, it was then followed by an acousticy Lou Barlow track (that I thought was Nick Drake) and then followed up with a Nick Drake song. A DJ couldn't have done better. The iPod has done this before.

Perhaps you are right, Booklover. Maybe I am just looking for patterns

Jul 10, 2011, 13:24


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