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c in dc
c in dc
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Let's Make a Deal

wracket wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Hmm, I'm no mathematician, but wouldn't the odds change with each flip? Each flip has a 50% chance of being odd or even. But the chances of all being even in a row gets statistically lower each flip. Is that right?

Well, even if you've already had 7 straight heads, the 8th flip is clearly still a 50/50 scenario. Of course, the odds are pretty low that you would get 10 straight heads (hhhhhhhhhh), but are the exact same as that of any other single combination (hththththt, hhhhhttttt, hhtththttt, etc.) Not sure if that's what you're asking about.

Wracket, you are a man after my own heart.
Here is a probability puzzle for you to ponder:

Say you are on a Let's Make a Deal type game show. There are 3 doors to choose from; one has the grand prize, the other 2 nothing. You choose one door. The host then reveals one of the 2 remaining doors, and it has nothing behind it. The host then offers to trade you the other unchosen door for your chosen door.
Should you accept his offer?

Jul 10, 2011, 20:50


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