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c in dc
c in dc
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Re: Let's Make a Deal

Mu Mu wrote:
Yes, but back to the question I asked earlier...

After the host opens the empty door, are the odds 1/3 (on the door picked) and 2/3 (on the door not picked)?

Yes, those are the new odds.
The professor from a logic class I took in college would probably disagree. During one class, we were discussing the odds of a coin flip, and the fact that each flip had a discreet 50/50 chance of landing heads or tails, no matter what had come before. Then he asked us what the probability was that a flipped coin would turn into a cat mid-air, come down and land on its feet, and run away. When we all said that the odds were zero, he answered "Yes, but that is only based n all previous observations of coin flips; there is a first time for everything!".
Have another bong hit, Professor. But damn if I don't remember him every time someone flips a coin. I always think "This could be the one; come on cat!"

Jul 12, 2011, 14:47


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