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NYC setlist: 10-02
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: NYC setlist: 10-02

Been listening to this one.

What's great:
-Back vocals of the new keyboard guy. Really blends in well with Laetitia.
-Stereolab can still jam, as evidenced by some of the longer workouts, esp. "Jenny Ondioline". "Emergency Kisses" is also a nice version.
-"Silver Sands" has an awesome unreleased intro. Too bad that it was canned from the studio version.
-Unlike many, I think the version of CC sounds fine. The last part gets a bit heavier, with more rockish drumming, thus allowing for a rise in dynamics not heard on the studio version. A plus.

What's interesting:
-They recreate the vibraphone parts with a very realistic sound: is Stereolab using MIDI synthesis in live settings now?
-New tune called "Bump" is quite nice, not a highlight, but a fine tune.
-Laetitia announces that "Exstatic Static" is about prostitution. Haven't read the lyrics yet, but is she pro or con regarding the legalization thereof?

What's a bit lacking:
-I don't think that synth sound used for recreating some of the string/horn parts is that good. It's certainly not crap, but kinda shrill. Sounds like Clavioline crossed with some late seventies analog synth. Too bad they canned the horns in live settings.
-If there's a CC tune that isn't as nicely pulled off, it's probably "Electric Brain". It seems as if it's so heavily dependent on the arrangements that it sounds a bit empty without some of the string parts.
-I would have preferred a bit more obscure material. Not a fan of "Bubblegum", "Disko" or "Reverie", typical crowd pleasers.

Overall, a nice show. Well recorded. You'll like it.

Oct 05, 2008, 20:44