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cultural boycott of Israel
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Re: cultural boycott of Israel

I'm a big fanboy for Slajov Zizek, so here are a few clips from this great article, that I think cut through a lot of the pollitical posturing to get to the real meat of the matter...

"When Jews lost their land and elevated it into the mythical lost object, "Jerusalem" became much more than a piece of land: It became a metaphor for the coming of the Messiah, for a metaphysical home, for the end of the wandering which characterizes human existence. The phenomenon is well-known: After an object is lost, it turns into a stand-in for much more, for all that we miss in our terrestrial lives. When a 1,000-year-old dream is finally close to realization, such a realization HAS to turn into a nightmare."

"Perhaps, the solution "everybody knows" as the only viable one--the withdrawal of the Israelis, the establishment of a Palestinian state, etc.--nonetheless will not do, and one has to change the entire frame and propose a one-state-solution where everyone has equal rights."

"So what would be the truly radical ethico-political act today in the Middle East? For both Israelis and Arabs, it would be to renounce the (political) control of Jerusalem--that is, to endorse the transformation of the Old Town of Jerusalem into an extra-state place of religious worship controlled (temporarily) by some neutral international force. What both sides should accept is that, by renouncing the political control of Jerusalem, they are effectively renouncing nothing--they are gaining the elevation of Jerusalem into a genuinely sacred site. What they would lose is only what already deserves to be lost: the reduction of religion to a stake in political power plays. "

Jul 22, 2011, 13:55


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