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cultural boycott of Israel
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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What this is all about

I am sorry so many of you seem to be in favour of Laetitia gigging in Israel. I posted on her Facebook wall to ask her to reconsider and have not had a reply.

The cultural boycott of Israel has been called for by the Palestinian people. It is supported by many Jewish people within Israel and many prominent artists and politicians throughout the world. This is a non-violent non-sectarian protest aimed at focussing the world's attention on the plight of Palestinians. They have had their land stolen from them, their human rights removed, been deprived of food, work, decent education, medical supplies, freedom of movement etc and women and children as well as the men have been subjected to violent military attacks for decades.

If Laetitia does go there, certainly it will be no major event, but anyone who ignores the boycott is playing into the hands of the Israeli government, who will interpret this action (whether Laetitia wants it or not) as support from the outside world for what they are doing. I would merely say that I'd be disappointed with her if she goes rather than angry.

I have only expressed any anger here at the views of Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who campaigns on the hatred of Islam and who says that there is no such thing as 'moderate Islam'.

Here are two links that may express all this far better than I can:

A quick Google search will provide you with a lot more information on the horrors being carried out by the Israeli government.

Jul 22, 2011, 23:51


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