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cultural boycott of Israel
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Re: cultural boycott of Israel

Harold Bissonette wrote:
I have no respect for your opinions. I am speaking, and have always spoken out for tolerance and understanding.

Actually Harold, although I have a great deal,of sympathy with what you say I actually live in Holland at the moment. The truth is that it is like the second term of George Bush. 'Everyone' in America hated him - he had made dumb decisions, started 'unjust' wars all over the world, was as thick as a brick etc etc... but in private, in those voting booths everyone said "we want him". this is the beauty of democracy - you have the right to silence.

Every day on the ground, I experience Holland as a democratic and all inclusive society. I work with gay men and lesbians, muslims, christians, zoroastrians and a host of other life choices and this is not important - but what the Dutch hold dearest is their hard fought and justly proud culture of freedom of expression and liberalism. Sharia law is totally counter to this and the Dutch simply will no brook it. They would never say so, but in their secret ballot they have voted for Gert Wilders. He is thus central to the formation of the new government in much the same way as that loser Clegg was to the UK government. All the parties need to court him to gain political control. nearly two year after the general election there is still no overall control of the country.

And it is true to say that nothing he said in 'fitna' was untrue and that he has a right under freedom of speech to criticise anyone he sees fit (as we all do in the west).

I am no supporter of Wilders, but he has been careful to tell the truth and what Vega and Gary say is actually true - he (Wilders) has never said MUSLIMS are a bad influence on the future - his criticism is reserved for ISLAM as a dogma, as a religion and if you read the news about human rights violations and the state (eg Iran) goal of establishing a global caliphate, I think in all honesty you can imagine people are a little 'wary'...

When one state issues an official edict in the terms of the annihilation of another state (Iran against Israel) well, we have all been there before, and the British as the liberators of many of the death camps would never let that happen again.

Jul 23, 2011, 00:24


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