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cultural boycott of Israel
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Re: cultural boycott of Israel

Dara wrote:

I am no supporter of Wilders, but he has been careful to tell the truth and what Vega and Gary say is actually true - he (Wilders) has never said MUSLIMS are a bad influence on the future - his criticism is reserved for ISLAM as a dogma, as a religion and if you read the news about human rights violations and the state (eg Iran) goal of establishing a global caliphate, I think in all honesty you can imagine people are a little 'wary'...

Hmm, I thought Islam as a religion did have many types of followers, interpreting things differently, as most religions do. Think of all the different types of Christianity there are out there, and they don't all interpret all of the bible literally. To say Islam as a dogma is a particular way means there is only one way to interpret the religion. Is that really true? I would say most cultures have used religion as a weapon, and as an excuse for their policies and cultural traditions, and the actual word can be interpreted many ways. Obviously many Arab countries have a long way to go in treating women as equals, and in their own intolerance.

I've noticed policies in many European countries over the years that try to promote isolating or preserving their cultural heritage, and pushing away the melting pot that the world will ultimately become. The US does it too for sure, within cities and all over the place people try to isolate themselves as groups, while as a whole claiming to be tolerant. Israel does this too to protect itself, albeit more forcefully, as they consider themselves to always be at war. I despise the way the Palestinians have been treated, and perhaps with new revolutions going on in so many countries over there, things will change, and a more moderate will come in Israel too.

(I realize this ramble is all over the place...)

Jul 23, 2011, 02:20


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