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cultural boycott of Israel
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Re: What this is all about

Harold Bissonette wrote:
I am sorry so many of you seem to be in favour of Laetitia gigging in Israel. I posted on her Facebook wall to ask her to reconsider and have not had a reply.

I don't know why you are so adamant about this.

I assume that she will perform at a small venue, perhaps in front a few dozen people?

This wont be a large event. The general public will have no knowledge of this. There will be no perception by the public that she is 'siding' with Israel - something that would happen if a popular group, say U2 played there.

Us Lab fans know better. Laetitia doesn't support violence. Her lyrics make that clear. She's not profiting off this trip. Israel will not be profiting from this trip.

Would you be opposed to Laetitia traveling to Israel, not to perform, but to instead discuss peace?

Laetitia can and should perform everywhere in the world. Artists should not be prevented from doing what they do because of some arbitrary lines in the sand.

Jul 23, 2011, 04:15


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