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cultural boycott of Israel
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Re: cultural boycott of Israel

Harold Bissonette wrote:
The so called 'supplemental' view point is from a man who has publicly stated and campaigns on the principal of a hatred for Islam and says there is no such thing as moderate Islam. His political views are deeply intolerant. As you and Vega speak in favour of them I have no respect for your opinions. I am speaking, and have always spoken out for tolerance and understanding.

I think that's the point about Geert that you are rallying against: you claim he has no respect for the opinions of an entire religion; you turn around and practice his same behavior against me and vega, and your leaps in logic that if we believe he has a right to be heard that we are blind followers... wow! I don't even know what he is saying; I never even listened to the videos! I am only speaking in favor of the rights to all to speak their opinions, no matter how unpopular, and with no group gaining immunity from debate or criticism, majority nor minority. I would hope that you would spend as much vitriol in denouncing those in Iran who would persecute the Bahá'í, or in the US who would persecute the GLBT, or in Tibet where the Communist Chinese have oppressed the native Tibetans, or anywhere that a majority oppressed a minority.

Jul 24, 2011, 15:21


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