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Blame it on the sausages
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Re: Blame it on the sausages

thomas2 wrote:

WTF is wrong with this world? This guy lived with the rotting corpses of his victims & did various other things that make me feel physically sick to contemplate.

Why are humans so despicable?

I started reading Mark Twains , "Letters to Earth, " last night. It's about the devil and human nature and society.
I have a theory and this might interest you because you were a vegetarian; we've eaten so many animals that we've become animalistic, it's in our DNA now. Just like an appendix.
I don't know why people are so dangerous and stupid. I stay home a lot. Maybe I'll find my soulmate on E Harmony. At least I'll get a free meal.
Yeah, people are really neurotic and psychotic sometimes I wonder what it all is for; the fleeting moments of tranquility and contentment. I don't watch the news anymore it messes with my inner peace. That sounds so selfish but one of my kids was in a major hurricane, bp spill...after the BP spill I stopped watching the news. I will read wikipedia because it lacks sensationalism, like, "It smells like sausages." that's gross.
I go out occasionally and the guys are like ,"who's she?" a hermit.

Jul 25, 2011, 21:13


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