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Blame it on the sausages
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Re: Blame it on the sausages

OK, so I just read out your post to Mrs. Wracket (who is an expert on all things nutrition-related and obsessed with the culinary arts) and she is rather convinced that you've just made up your own rules (vaguely based, as I suggested, on an Atkins-like diet). Why aren't you putting out a book, Joe? I mean, what with all the science you've got behind it, surely you'd revolutionize the dieting industry!

Hey, what do you know, I've just run a few experiments while writing that last paragraph and come up with some science of my own: if you want to live longer and feel healthier, don't eat anything which has too much salt, Omega-3, non-hooved animal flesh or pineapple in it...and always be sure to wash down all meals with pure vanilla extract, while avoiding beet root and all beet root-colored food items after 9 in the evening. I don't get it either, but you can't argue with science!

Jul 29, 2011, 21:06


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