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Blame it on the sausages
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Re: Blame it on the sausages

wracket wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:
wracket wrote:
lereostab wrote:
the science behind it

Science is anything but consensual on this, no matter what Atkins or the Miami Sound Machine diet people bark at you.

Question for ya:

Does Mrs Wracket believe that people gain weight by consuming more calories than they expend?

Im very interested to hear her (and your) thoughts.

The short answer is "yes" (both hers and mine), but it's not as simple as that. Your body doesn't process all the calories it takes in...and the degree to which it does or doesn't process them depends on a lot of varying factors (about both your body and the food item).

More to the point here, as any student of Atkins must surely know, the phase that our dear Joe describes (with some bizarre personal touches) is not meant to be maintained indefinitely. And not just because of what saturated fat does to your circulatory system--your liver and kidneys would likely give out before your heart would if you truly kept that up for years/decades at a time.

Maintaining a "normal" body weight is key to health, but it's not the only key. And there are many ways to lose weight fast which are pretty terrible for your health, so the anecdotal evidence of "well I lost x stone doing it!" doesn't really cut the mustard here.

Though what sparked all this off was the lunacy of suggesting that vegetarian lifestyles are inherently unhealthy. This simply flies in the face of both the scientific and the empirical data. I'm not trying to tell you or Joe that you're wrong to double down on the gravy...but his snarky comment about the "error of vegetarianism" was laughably uninformed in so many ways (not the least of them being Kazak's point about the environmental impact of meat production--all the more relevant as hundreds of millions of people in the developing nations up their meat consumption as their disposable income levels rise).

Thanks, man! You seem to know a lot about this topic (a topic I am also very interested in). What role, if any, do you reckon the hormone Insulin has in the way our body controls hunger and stores fat?

I have my mind blown the last couple of years the more I have delved into this area (admittedly my initial interest was in Atkins). I too thought the diet was a 'fad' and that while it may be great for quick fat-loss it certainly couldn't and shouldn't be followed long-term.

It's such a controversial area because our whole lives we are told that sat-fats and cholesterol clog our arteries, and the road to robust health is by eating a balanced-diet, low in fat. Would you believe me if I said that is complete nonsense? And that the science this idea is based on is laughable? What's even more hilarious is that our medical-students are still taught this at Medical School today!

I know you won't believe me. Heck, I barely believe it myself :)

Aug 01, 2011, 18:10


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