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thoughts on Cobra
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thoughts on Cobra

it amuses me that the album has been coined "a long train ride to hell." it makes me like it more. it's amazing how much they packed into this album. can you think of another album that has similar criticisms, but still has so much merit (I do think Cobra is glorious).

I wonder if people would've been a lot more forgiving of Cobra if they would've cut out Blue Milk? I think Caleidoscopic Gaze would've been sufficient. it's a much better long-winded effort. it's pretty ballsy that they included both. I do enjoy how Velvet Water and Blue Milk sound next to each other. speaking of...

Velvet Water is so out of place, but has an unexpected balancing effect. I can't remove it from my sleepy playlist. I try, but then it's back within a month. I read in an interview that it was suggested that Laetitia sing this while playing solo. I wish she would.

Italian Shoes Continuum makes me feel like I'm on drugs. thinking of the title while listening to it makes me smirk. I bet Laetitia has nice shoes.

Blips, Drips and Strips pisses off my friends. they get all eye-rolley whenever it comes on. I refuse to turn it off.

Busta Rhymes' sampling of Come and Play in the Milky Night is peculiar. I appreciate the fact that he liked the loop enough to use it, but his song sucks in comparison.

I often forget about Spiracles for some reason; perhaps because it's more subtle in comparison to what surrounds it.

I think Fuses serves as a very honest warning for what you're about to encounter. no beating around the bush with this one. smoking kills and Cobra overwhelms.

Le Aimes Des Memes is a really awesome b-side. I'm surprised it's not mentioned more here.

Aug 26, 2011, 21:29


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