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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

Yay! A post about Stereolab, aheheh :)

Cobra is a fantastic album for sure, in fact I prefer it to Dots & Loops but it's still slightly behind Sound Dust for me. I think of that trilogy as kind of phase 3 of the groop (phase 1 = everything up to Transient, phase 2 = MAQ / ETK, phase 4 = after Mary).

And you didn't even mention "Puncture in the Radax Permutation", one of my all time 'lab faves....I still vividly remember rushing home to listen to the LP for the first time, and after that song finished I was completely blown away and had to put the needle back like twice just to listen to it again. Where all the bad press came from for this album I have no idea, I sometimes wonder if anybody who doesn't like it has even listened to it more than a couple times.

For any other Cobra lovers you can enjoy your own special Cobra flavoured forum via the following recipe:

Aug 26, 2011, 22:15


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