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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

microbehunter wrote:
Accusations of too long, too much meandering filler and useless experimentation, should have been trimmed down to a nice 40 minute disc, track 11 Blue Milk was described as 'tedious as a slug on valium' etc. etc.... screw the 'just don't get it' critics and feel the creativity.

Stereolab on this album bunged it all in, and with the inspired encouragement of Messrs McEntire and O'Rourke - let it all hang out. Laetitia commented some time after wishing they had done a better job in mixing the album. I disagree. After the manicured Dots and Loops the electronics are messier, the arrangements always staying the right side of fussy over-production... no mean feat given the sophistication of the music. Ba-ba-baas and typical Stereolab melodies are all present and correct: Cobra's quirkiness, oddness and weirdity all sit nicely just below the surface. The overall effect: gorgeous, trippy, warm, unique, psychedelic, beautiful, emotional and heartfelt.

Late to the party Cobra was my first Stereolab purchase: discovering this music in 1999 was like a breath of fresh air. Songs in 7/8 with vibes, old keyboards and pretty ladies singing in French. Seeing them live for the first time shortly afterwards and noting such an eclectic and diversified audience... I was hooked. It could be argued the groop peaked with Cobra and Phases: 'creative dead end's' were reached, what came afterward's were shinier rehashes of what had already been done etc. Cobra is my quintessential Lab album, I love it to bits.


People Do It All The Time was the first dance when I got married a few months ago. 'Nuff said.

Aug 27, 2011, 11:19


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