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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

Forgive this long ramble, I'm a bit buzzed and told myself I would listen to this today. I can't say anything better than microbehunter's description though. I never can choose a favorite so am compelled to write blow by blow commentary.

Highlights: horns, vibes, Mary's harmonies.

I love Fuses burping ambiguously along with Laetitia smoothing it all out.

People All the Time brings it back to familiar territory with authority, and the obligatory bubbling and ba ba bas.

I just want to dance to The Free Design. Combining the Brazilian rhythm with the jazzy melody, it feels cohesive with Fuses, and has some nice climactic touches.

Blips, Drips, and Strips, it's just FUN. Well I can understand people outside the lab's world not really understanding that song. It might almost sound silly, but I think Mary's playfulness, the big variety of sections, vibes, etc etc, make it epic. Certainly hear some Philip Glass influence there. Their best vibes ever.

The spacy Italian Shoes Continuum might sound a bit avant garde, though not to us of course, as it's all familiar yet new in a delightful way. So breezy and hummy, then crashes unexpectedly to a more insistent groove.

Infinity Girl is so driving and happy, how could you not sing along? It sort of seems like the middle of some other lab song. Maybe it's too perfect pop, which makes it seem almost imperfect here.

Spiracles has that slow rhythmic keyboard sound I'm not too fond of, and that they revisited so often on CC. When I can listen past it, it's ascending melody is delightful.

Op Hop Detonation is a great mixture of the synth sounds mixed with Tim's funky strumming, jazz melodies, and Mary's part is great.

Puncture starts out sounding like it's already full of suspense, then the melody just drifts along beautifully mixed with horns. Quite euphoric. Then carnival sounds, then Philip Glass again... how can you not like the variety in that song? It's exciting.

I kind of feel like this album should be some kind of soundtrack or opera. Velvet Water is such a contrast. Starting out all abstract texture, then Laetitia sounding like a French chanteuse, with a not terribly successful melody, excepting of course Mary's contribution making it interesting.

I skipped Blue Milk this time as I'm on a roll. :P

Caleidoscopic Gaze could be Stereolab's musical saw cabaret number. Think of all the musicians on this album, some amazing talent trying to be cohesive. Must have been a blast to make this album.

Strobo Acceleration is exactly like the name. Strobe lights, peppy, contrasted with sexy horns. And the melody is uplifting.

Emergency Kisses.. I get a little tired by the time of this one, so I think I don't give it enough of a listen usually. It may be one of the more well crafted songs really. Sounds like Sean's.

Come and Play is probably one of my all time favorite lab tunes. It lopes along the American western landscape and strikes a deep chord with me.

Aug 28, 2011, 06:22


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