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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

Stereo Mouse wrote:
... "if you judge it by the standards of rock'n'roll then it fails"
... it's not rock, for its "ethos is completely different".

I like this.

I've never really thought of Stereolab as a rock n roll band. In my view, rock is strictly the art form of a repressed society: the manic energy, exaggerated sexuality and over-the-top freakishness that define it act as a sort of catharsis that allows us (the audience) to let go of our inhibitions for a while and fantasize about acting out against the daily restraints of our modern society.

Jimi Hendrix creating a god-awful racket while pantomiming sex acts on his guitar, lighting it on fire, and smashing it to bits: ROCK N ROLL.

George Clinton wearing a ridiculous wig and 12" platforms while babbling about how he's come from outer space to blow your mind and make dirty love to your earhole: ROCK N ROLL.

Devo spazzing out and intentionally butchering the established standards of rock n roll: ROCK N ROLL.

Stereolab's careful blend of obscure cultural references, interesting noises, and occasional political commentary set to catchy pop melodies: not so much of a rock n roll vibe, really.

I'm not quite sure what my point is, but I guess real rock n roll is always aligned in opposition to something else - whereas the lab are more like a bunch of friendly record collectors who just want to sing the praises of all the wonderful things they've discovered.

Aug 28, 2011, 10:29


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