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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

GaryB2 wrote:

Do rhetorical questions still get question-marks? Is there a method to punctuate rhetorically?

Yes. No.

To clarify, the rhetorical question is still one that invokes a response that is generally supposed to be one of agreement with the speaker. The danger of asking one is that people who have nothing but hatred throbbing in their veins, nothing positive to say, never start useful threads, are lacking all social awareness and are outside of your target audience, may disagree with your contention and answer the opposite to what you expect.

Generally I am in favour of people being pulled up on contentious rhetorical questions but when it is the same person spewing forth negativity, the person who cannot drop the fact that he feels wronged by someone who was banned years ago, the person who has three opinions: 1) I hate member X, 2) I hate the beatles, 3) I hate Cobra, the person whose last umpteen contributions have been to attack somebody who has posted interesting threads and ideas, the same person who makes snide remarks then backs down when confronted with his own inability to argue logically only to bring up his mud later on, then I have no interest in it.

I think you need to be careful asking a Christian "who could believe in god?" and a homophobe "why don't gay people deserve the same rights as you?". Similarly, you have to be careful asking some people why they wouldn't like Cobra.

As it was, it was not a rhetorical question. To me the question mark was simply a way of indicating an uncertainty in the statement. Funny how punctuation works sometimes...

Aug 30, 2011, 12:35


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