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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

Stereo Mouse wrote:
Well, I'm quite sure actually that many Lab fans recognize the art of album making...

I am sure that they do so I am not trying to teach people to suck eggs. It just seems weird to like albums then talk of removing this critical bridge. The album is what it is. It's like me saying Lady Gaga should create more Stereolabesque songs. She is popular for doing what she does. I don't like her but that is because I don't like that genre. If someone came to me and said, I like catchy jingles and a lady thrusting her sexuality in my face, I would recommend Lady Gaga, not Stereolab, despite my preference for the latter. In my view (and it is just my view), if you don't like Blue Milk then you don't like the album (as an album).

PS: I agree that Not Music is not an album. I would also say it is not that great a collection of songs.

Aug 30, 2011, 20:44


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