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thoughts on Cobra
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

You know, obviously I agree that when someone says this and that song on the album is a throwaway at best stinker at worst, then there's obviously quite a divergence from the artist's viewpoint that hey, this is how I imagine a good album to be. But if only the band is thinking that this album is 100% pure gold, then isn't it a bit dangerous, a hint of lacking quality control?

I would also say that the art of album making is very difficult. You don't have to please everyone, but if ETK or Dots is deemed as a flawless album whereas Cobra is mostly deemed to be an overblown overkill with fat needing to be trimmed, then why is that? Okay, so many people don't then like Cobra as an album, but isn't it then an argument for the album's limited appeal? Stereolab's already a cult band at best and if one of their album appeals mostly to an audience even smaller, then isn't it what the underrated album really means: an album that's got limited appeal and can only be appreciated by those more clever/intellectual/avant-gardist than most others?

Aug 30, 2011, 22:41


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