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thoughts on Cobra
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Re: thoughts on Cobra

I like this :

The Stereolab organisation were obviously keen students of classic album "dynamics". The golden rule of the double is to finish side 2 with a cracker (Velvet Water) before one enter's the second half or, as correctly mentioned elsewhere - the album "bridge" (Blue Milk).

Velvet Water: features a memorably pouting Mary vocal and those totally lyseric vocoder voice effects. Underneath this we have an absolute firestorm of a rhythm track. Bass pushing, pulling and provoking... the drummer is on a tight leash and is having none of it. That urgent vibraphone figure jumping all over proceedings but there is no way in - the groove is too damn tight. Just when I think I'm gonna scream with the tension of it all, release comes with Jim O'Rourke's absolutely brilliant string arrangement. A musical highlight on this album or any other for that matter.

Blue Milk: Ahhhh - 'The Centrepiece'. To the casual listener nothing much appears to be happening. A deeper listen reveals a great deal of very small activity as different cycles of notes weave in and out with each other. What we in the trade refer "deliberate playing with timelessness" that actually promotes attention to time. There are wheels within wheels, pulses within pulses, as one cycle of notes concludes only to start again. Persistent non-believer's may find a puff or two of marijuana helpful before listening to this track. :)

Aug 31, 2011, 09:52


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