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9-11 Retrospection
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Re: 9-11 Retrospection

lereostab wrote:

There are mixed opinions in Britain about the whole thing, a lot of people increasingly seem to think that the C.I.A. planned the whole thing to be used as an excuse to invade the Arab nations and steal their wealth, whereas others are happy with the official version of events, as for myself I'm not sure who did it, but whoever did do it set in motion a terrible chain of events.
I saw a documentary about the structure of the building which was very interesting and some film footage seemed to show that the towers were demolished in the same way that a steeplejack would bring down huge chimneys.

Ridiculous. We watched hours and hours of footage watching the planes dive into the buildings. We know who did it, and if you don't, perhaps you should do a little reading.

The CIA being capable of something like that? You might be more accurate to think the CIA, and the Bush administration were a bunch of bungling fools, not capable of something that complex.

Sep 07, 2011, 07:43


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