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9-11 Retrospection
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Re: 9-11 Retrospection

GaryB2 wrote:
Let us not overlook the fact that the innocent folks who perished 10 years ago today did so because of the the foreign policy of the USA and the West. That's a very inconvenient truth for all the patriots among us.

Just for clarification then Gary, do your 'innocent folks' include the 19 Al-Qaeda operatives responsible for the events of that day and if not, are you saying that they were in someway guilty of something - if so what?. If you see them as not guilty of the attacks are you saying that they were in some way justified in their actions?.

I was in London on September 11 2001 and popped in to Rough Trade to collect my pre-ordered copy of Sound Dust. It was in there I saw for the first time the film of the events unfolding live. I thought it was a rock video and asked someone who it was by - they said 'no, that is really happening right now'. I went downstairs to collect my CD and said to the guy behind the counter - have you seen what is happening in New York? his reply has stuck in my memory ever since - it was (verbatim):

'they have been fucking people over for years and now they are getting what they deserve'

...but then I suppose you don't need a phD in world politics to sell CDs in a record shop.

Sep 11, 2011, 13:00


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