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9-11 Retrospection
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Re: 9-11 Retrospection

GaryB2 wrote:
"Grow a pair" and tell us your thoughts. :)

(00) (bollocks being strapped on)

The definitive justification for the attacks on American interests around the world as quoted by Osama Bin Laden in a television interview in 2003 was that 'the great satan' must leave muslim soil in Saudi Arabia, and it was in this interview that he declared a fatwa (holy war) against the USA. That is the simple fact and the only Al-Qaeda motivation for the attacks both leading up to, including and after 9/11.

The discussion is then about why were America on Saudi soil (they were invited there by the Saudis as protection from Saddam during and after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait), what are the wider aims of islamic fundamentalism and what would happen if we all in the west rolled over and did nothing in the face of these attacks on our freedom.

Sep 11, 2011, 17:24


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