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9-11 Retrospection
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Re: 9-11 Retrospection

Dara wrote:

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait under Saddam Hussein on August 2, 1990, put the Saudi kingdom and the House of Saud at risk, ...
Bin Laden continued to speak publicly against the Saudi government for harboring American troops, for which the Saudis banished him. He went to live in exile in Sudan, in 1992, in a deal brokered by Ali Mohamed.
Ok - so you are one of those who believe the idiotic conspiracy theories. You no doubt also believe the world was literally created in six days, that the Apollo lunar missions were staged in a film studio in area 51 and aliens built the Pyramids.

But in this case there are so many contradictions in the belief that the CIA or C&A or Elvis or whoever were responsible for 9/11 that Occam's razor seems to have been honed especially for it. To suggest that the CIA did it, or Mossad or Bush himself in order to justify attacking Afghanistan and Iraq is ridiculous when you consider the fact that anti-Americans accused the US (and the UK) of acting illegally in both wars anyway.

Why would the US kill 3,000 of their own citizens to justify two wars in the middle east.
Vietnam must be seen in the context of the Cold War - America at the time feared annihilation from 'the great spectre' of the global spread of communism and indeed with the Cuban missile crisis this almost happened. Ill advised? certainly - but understandable to an extent given the ideological and political context of the time. ..
But I absolutely agree that America has the right to defend itself.

You present a sympathetic argument for the USA. You are also very hostile to opposing points of view.
If America was justified in going to war against Vietnam and America is justified in attacking Afghanistan and Iraq then you would have to also justify the WTC attacks. As you acknowledge (according to interpretations of bin Ladenís speeches), America invaded his home soil and he feared annihilation from 'the great spectre' of the global spread of US imperialism. In that sense, he is justified in taking steps to preserve and promote his way of life wherever he saw fit and his actions understandable to an extent given the ideological and political context of the time. There can be no difference. Americans killing Vietnamese villagers, torturing Iraqi soldiers, bombing Afghan towns and littering Laos with bombs is no more justified than a handful of Saudiís ploughing planes into various US targets on September 11.
I would add that the House of Saud is hardly an organisation beyond reproach and in need of saving. They are not democratic, obscenely wealthy and preside of one of the least liberated systems in the world.
Whilst I donít think the CIA bombed the WTC, I can fully understand why people would believe they would. The USA is a country that has carried out cruel and illegal covert operations for many years. The US involvement in things like the Contra scandal, the bombing of Laos and other such horrors is clear reason for somebody to have no faith in the honesty and integrity of the US govt and its motivations. The US has been involved in actions that have led to the deaths of thousands of their own citizens (Vietnam war, jailing and executing its own citizens instead of educating them, the war on terror, the war on drugs) so many people feel that the conspiracies are true. As I said, the USA is openly secretive. It is not idiotic to distrust America, whether the popular conspiracy theories are the next best option on the other hand is certainly open to question.
Finally, in response to the inevitable ďthe USA is better behaved than Saddam Hussein, bin Laden or some other Sharia countryĒ that will be posted by somebody, I donít care to judge a country by the standards set by the Taliban et al. My point is not that any killing of citizens is justified but rather, the opposite.

Sep 12, 2011, 02:11


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