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No, I don't care who blew up the towers, I didn't say I felt nothing about the event itself, as it was truly awful. Even if they were to find who really did it beyond a shadow of a doubt, it changes nothing.
Is vengeance the answer to acts of violence? I'm not convinced that it is, but that appears to be what the American government are doing with their interference in the Arabian nations.
How often have you travelled outside of the USA? (I don't mean to other western so called democratic nations, I mean further afield i.e. the Middle East, Africa,or India)when you are in other nations and countries the news is very different, who you choose to believe is up to you, all governments have a need to keep control of the people and the media is one of their most powerful tools.
Don't tell me I need to sit on one side of the fence or the other because I won't.
I love Britain but I don't love it's government or any of it's past governments, I love the country itself, you know the beaches the trees and wide open spaces and the everyday people who live in my road and neighbourhood.
To sum up, I was very disturbed at what happened to New York on that day and I felt sad and confused like a lot of people, but I will not take sides or swear alliegience to any political ideal because it's those ideals that kill thousands of people, I didn't mean to be offensive in my last post, I'm sorry, kind regards, Joe.

Sep 09, 2011, 12:59


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