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Hi, I try to ignore nationality as much as possible and just see human beings, whether Arab, British, African, Indian, American, German or whatever, I live in Britain but I don't swear allegiance to any government or political ideal as I feel that robs me of something, I would do my best to help any one in need regardless of their nationality or politics.
Being a Christian it really boils down to loving my fellow humans as best I can, there is so much suffering in the world and a lot of it seems to be caused by political ideals and greed.
The American empire will go the same way that the British empire did, it's inevitable and another country will take over (probably China) and maybe they'll be better at trying to control the world than America have been or Britain was, who knows.
Great Britain is an idea as America is an idea, but it's not what we are, it's just where we are at the present time, we didn't create the idea of these nations we just happened to be born in them and that wasn't our choice, don't get me wrong I think Britain is a great place to live and I'm grateful for it as I'm sure you are for America, but imagine if we'd been born in Palestine then our view of the world would be very different indeed, wouldn't it?
Thanks for sharing, kind regards Joe.

Sep 18, 2011, 00:36


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