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I was trying to make a point about the freedoms we have in the U.K. and America, I used Palestine as an example of an indigineous people who have had their freedom and country taken from them by extreme force, so if we had been born in Palestine then we would certainly view the world differently to how we do in the U.K. or America.
Now, do you really think I haven't studied so called Christian history and all the appalling acts of torture and unmentionable evil deeds that have been done in the name of Christ?
as Jesus himself said "many will come in my name, but their hearts will be far from me" evil power seeking men and women have abused and misused the name of Christ for 2000 years, I feel no kinship with these people and never will, I detest violence and so does Jesus clearly through his words, if you care to read them you will see this for yourself.
Jesus didn't come to start a religion, he came to show us how to be reconciled to God unconditionally through love, and to expose the lies and deceit in the world, Jesus hates religion because it keeps people from seeing his love for them, and it blinds them with a load of man made doctrines about keeping rules and religious laws forever telling them that they're not worthy and they must try harder to please God, what rubbish!!
If we simply believe that God loves us and accept that Jesus died in our place and was punished instead of us, then we are restored in to a living relationship with God as our Father.
Who had Jesus killed? the religious system did of course, and that same system exists today in many different guises.
Jesus is not like these T.V. evangelists ripping people off and deceiving them, he speaks the truth, check it out for yourself by reading the gospels.
Religion will always keep people from knowing the true freedom that God offers us by simply trusting in Jesus.
May the road rise to meet you Dara, kind regards, Joe.

Sep 19, 2011, 04:40


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