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lereostab wrote:
The awful situation in Palestine particularly disturbs me a great deal as so many Christians are backing the Israeli government financially because they believe it's what God wants them to do, I can't begin to describe how this makes me feel as a Christian, appalled to say the least.
I hate being tarred with the same brush but unfortunately it happens a lot, as it seems that most people seem to think that all Christians agree that Israel is special to God, I don't agree with this because as far as I am concerned God shows no favourtism to any people or nation, he loves all equally, so the fact that this terrible persecution of the Palestinian people is being carried out with a lot of Christians saying it's what God wants upsets me terribly, as you may be able to imagine, thanks for your thoughts, Joe.

As usual hiro's oversimplistic utopian view of his own rose-tinted world denies the truth recorded in history. I don't agree at all. As usual the Christian view is based on the perceived ability to abdicate resposibility on the basis that feeble minded humans have mis-represented the Christian message of Jesus and the Lord.

Of course I have read the Bible extensively, and many other philosophical and religious works discussing the human significance of such beliefs. I have read world history extensively too.

Most critical historians agree that Jesus was a Jew who was regarded as a teacher and healer. Judeo-Christianity is a hugely powerful political force in the world today and just as extremist Islam and many other lesser human constructions are creating havoc, misery and oppression, Christianity is also responsible to this day of terrible suffering and oppression. To deny that fact is unworthy of any further serious discussion.

Just like the christian creationists, whatever you say, however you discuss the truth of human and natural history the Christian will try to wriggle free of any reasonable factual discussion using the 'not in my name' excuse. The fact is that it was not so long ago that the Christians themselves were the perpetrators of the violence and suffering in Palestine. It's just a matter of how far back in time you go and where your present-day loyalties lay.

The one thing I agree with you about is that I also think oppression and aggression in the name of god (any god) is one of the worst blights on the human race - and always has been.

By the way - in my version of the Bible, Jesus Christ was not killed by religion. He was in fact killed by the ruling political system at the time after being accused of sedition. Basically, the Roman State saw him as what we would today call a terrorist.

As Roger Waters said: 'What god wants - god gets'.

Sep 19, 2011, 12:00


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