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You've misunderstood who had Jesus killed, the religious Jews of his day i.e. Pharisee's and Saducee's used the Roman ruling authority to execute him simply because they weren't allowed to do it themselves under Roman law, it was the Sanhedrin who wanted him dead for perceived blasphemy and it was these particular Jews who took him to the Roman governor and pressured him to crucify Jesus, Pilate himself was reluctant to do this but eventually gave the Jews what they wanted whilst symbolically washing his hands of the whole matter, these facts are clearly written in the bible so I don't know how you've concluded that it was the Roman authority that wanted him dead??
Also, are you saying that all Christians living now are responsible for the horrific deeds perpetrated in Jesus name in the past i.e. the crusades or witch hunts, because if you are then your argument borders on lunacy. If an Englishman kills his wife does that mean that all Englishmen are wife killers? you need to clarify your point on this matter because it seems like an incredibly narrow view.
I have never killed anyone nor would I wish to, I have never tortured or persecuted anyone in the name of Jesus or anyone's name for that matter, I would rather go to jail than kill someone for any government or ideology so because I believe in Christ am I to blame for any of the horrors being carried out in Palestine today? hope to read your reply soon, Joe.

Sep 19, 2011, 13:00


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