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Hi, I wasn't sure if kind regards would annoy you or not so I left it out just in case.
What exactly was the "insulting rhetoric" that you feel I resorted to?
Your mind is obviously made up about Christians Dara and how you think they are, so it's pointless me saying much really, I feel that you are asking those particular questions not because you are genuinely interested, but so you can tick all the boxes that write Joe off as the fundamental lunatic you already think he is, and give your self a pat on the back for being right again, I'm happy to be wrong about this.
I will answer your questions.

Yes I do think that Israel has a right to exist as a state, and I think that Palestine does too, I would love to see a final agreement that both sides were happy with regarding distribution of the land in that area.

Creation vs evolution, in all honesty I really do not know how it all happened.

Abortion, this is a difficult question to answer for me as I personally know 2 women who had abortions, one in 1969 and the other in 1988, both these women are very dear to me and both of them deeply regret the experience and find it almost impossible to forgive themselves, one is a Christian and the other is not. You asked what I felt about it, I feel that each woman is uniquely different and should not be forced to do anything she doesn't want to do, but I do also think that more information should be freely available to women who are considering an abortion about the potentially damaging psychological effects that often result from it.

Women priests, I really don't care either way what certain denominations do regarding those matters as I have nothing to do with the organised church, I am not opposed to it.

Homosexuality, I was for many years a practising homosexual myself, when I became a Christian so much changed within me and I saw life and relationships in a totally new light.
I am now heterosexual and happily married and have been for 15 years, the desire to be with other men sexually no longer exists for me.
I won't answer your question about abomination and sin, because as an ex homosexual myself I know how questions like that used to make me feel, basically all people are looking for love deep down and to be accepted for who they are, I personally made a lot of mistakes in my quest for love but how can I say that my mistakes were the same as anyone elses, I believe that sexuality is an individuals private affair and if they become a Christian then it is between them and God what happens next, it's not for me to judge or condemn someone.
I know that God loves homosexuals as much as he loves any human being.

I would find it extremely hard to kiss the hand of someone who killed my children, but I realise the importance of forgiveness too, revenge solves nothing, an eye for an eye is an obsolete concept for me.
I do believe forgiveness is possible and feel it to be the most desirable solution as opposed to revenge, although I say again I would find it extremely difficult in certain tragic situations.

You haven't challenged my "dogma" as you call it in the least, you have done what many people seem to do and judged me simply because I love Jesus, you tar all Christians with the same brush just as I used to do before I became one,
kind regards and God bless you, Joe.

Sep 20, 2011, 00:59


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