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cyberpainter wrote:
My parents are Christians but they aren't fundamentalists and they don't take everything in the bible literally, neither does their minister. You make too many generalizations about "Christianity" and tend to equate it with fundamentalism in many of your points. A lot of democrats are Christians, not that it makes that much of a difference, except they are not part of the old term "moral majority". And there are a huge number of Christians who absolutely do not believe in intelligent design.

Because the republicans, the tea baggers, and the "moral majority" are so vocal and in the media, you may think everyone who's a Christian agrees with them, but you'd be greatly mistaken.

With respect I don't think all Christians are fundamentalists. I know many Christians and like you I find them to be moderate and humble in their belief - most of the time. It is true however that in many Schools Creationism and Intelligent design is taught as the only basis for existence - particularly in America. Putting a figure on it is very difficult as statistics and opinion polls can be very misleading. But I did read somewhere that a recent Gallup poll reported that the percentage of people in the US that believe in a strict interpretation of creationism had fallen to 40% in 2010 after a high of 46% in 2006. That's 140 million people! at the 2010 population census level. Personally (and I am entitled to my own opinion) I think that is amazing, disappointing and scary.

I would never deny that anyone has the right to practise any religion, but if terrible things are done in the name of that religion or Ideology, then yes I am vehemently opposed to that and will do whatever I can to fight it.

Sep 20, 2011, 04:33


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