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I realise this thread has died the death now and given way to more uplifting and inspiring social comment from Bote - this time the pressing issue of 'porn over real girls' whatever that means.

As a footnote I will say this though, and then give way to Bote's important mission:

I am at this moment watching the speech at the UN by President Obama. I feel compelled to say that he is covering all of the issues we have discussed in this thread (and more of course). There are some things I can't agree with and there has already been a few clanging tones of hypocrisy, but by god what a fantastic speech. This is truly a speech by a world statesman - well delivered and compelling in it's obvious sincerity.

The only problem is that the UN almost to the same degree as it's predecessor the League of Nations, is a 'talking shop' and it remains to be seen what will come of this great statesmanship.

I have feeling that the tide is turning when I listen to erudite and heart-felt world view Obama has stated today. When you compare his ability as a speaker to that of his predecessor, it is clear why there was no other solution than war to the complicated problems we face in the world today. As a major world leader G W Bush was not capable of peaceful resolution through dialogue - I doubt he would have even been able to spell the word.

..and now back to the porn.

Sep 21, 2011, 14:57


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