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Introduce Yourself
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Yeah, unfortunately the church has often given a real bad image of what it means to be a Christian, they are always telling you how to think and how to be a Christian, but the real message gets lost in all of that stuff and religious crap.
The real message being that God loves us a whole lot, way more than we are able to comprehend, he proved it by becoming a man and dying for us, that's the cure for what's wrong with humanity, we simply believe he did it for us because we know we couldn't do it ourselves, there is no greater demonstration of love and never will be, never forget he loves you, he doesn't want you to follow rules and regulations on how to be a nice person, life is crap at times but he's with you in it all, always.
I converted (as you put it) in 1994, I was in a drug running house in Hampshire and this guy turned up and started telling me how much God loved me and had proved it in Jesus death for me(he had some guts because he could easily have been killed by coming there, especially with what he was telling us) a few days later after much anguish and soul searching the wall of pride and fear finally broke down and Jesus came rushing in, it was fear of the unknown that kept me on my guard against God, also a deep rooted fear that I was unacceptable because of my lifestyle and the things I'd done, I was involved in some really heavy scenes, but now I'm glad to say that's all 17 years away and thanks to Jesus I have a totally different life and have no desire to go back to all that old crap.
I really hope you find him soon man, I'll be praying for you.
No doubt some folk on this forum are going to be upset with what I've said, but I don't mind if I get slagged off for being myself and speaking the truth, it's the truth that most folk find offensive because God's existence can't be proved by the god of science, but that's why faith is superior to science because He can only be known through direct experience, there is no method of proving Him.
Science and logic are the modern day gods that atheists worship.
Keep your heart open, God loves you, Joe.

Sep 15, 2011, 03:13


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