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Introduce Yourself
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Re: Introduce Yourself

lereostab wrote:
I'm sure it was Sand point as the name sounds familiar, if we're up that way again I'll be sure to let you know.
Yes I love the scenery down here in Cornwall too, but I also find a certain strange kind of beauty in industrial landscapes, and the sea always amazes me regardless of it's colour.
In the mid nineties we lived in Southampton in a cottage next to Southampton water with views of Fawley oil refinery and Exxon chemical plant, at night the chimneys would be blazing with fire and there were a myriad of tiny lights all sparkling it reminded me of the cityscape scenes in Blade Runner and there was a definite kind of strange beauty to it all, but in saying that we wouldn't want to live there again as we're happy here.
You know what? we haven't been to the Eden Project since 2004, I know it must have changed a lot in that time, we must go again!
I've kind of learned to live with the back problem, it's a huge restriction on things I can do at times, but I just try and manage it as practically as possible because I know I can't change it, thanks for your thoughts, kind regards, Joe.

I was in Southampton in the mid-nineties too! St Mary's, student house -heart of the red light district with a gay club on one side and a cheeky little brothel / crack den on the other. I liked Southampton, though -the parks ringing the centre are supposed to be a bit dodge but I spent many a pleasant afternoon there.

It's easy to overlook Cornish industrial history coming as a tourist, but I suppose it's everywhere -we did glimpse the old spoil heaps apparently known as the 'Cornish Alps' around St Austell, pretty spectacular....

Sep 18, 2011, 18:27


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