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How would you describe your musical taste?
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How would you describe your musical taste?

I think many of my friends on here have veered off in different directions over the years, I was just thinking about that today...

I am pretty basic in that I like a good pop tune. I can handle and enjoy dissonant elements in music if it has a cohesive string that pulls it together, or if it's got something on top that's much more melodic. (Why I've like most Broadcast music, and yet many other Broadcast fans like much more dissonant music than me.)

I tend to like guitar and synth sounds best, not unusual there. But it's nice when there are different unexpected instruments in the mix.

I think I'm easily irritated by vocals that rub me the wrong way, or guitar wankery. That includes pointless abstraction if I think it just doesn't have magic somehow.

I love to sing along. I love to sing harmony I make up. I love to listen to the various elements and absorb them over time.

I'm a bit contradictory in that I love some derivative pop music based on music I can admire from the past, but other derivative music just makes me gag, like contemporary country or mainstream radio. But yet traditional country gets a nod from me though I rarely listen. It's just more real somehow. And I can handle techno only if I'm out dancing to it. The repetitiveness is just so tedious otherwise. I guess I don't have the patience to enjoy long slow ambient music, unless it's very complex and changes a lot. Electronic music that's not remixes, and not techno I tend to like very much.

I love music that's sexy!

Sep 14, 2011, 20:44


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