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ATL local scene/Deerhunter; let's hear about your scene??
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ATL local scene/Deerhunter; let's hear about your scene??

this is a repost from a Deerhunter post; was just excited to see the ATL aka Hotlanta back on the map...

Yah, check them out. They have tons of material. Bradford, the lead singer has a really cool solo project he does I think I like better than Deerhunter. I caught one of their shows at an art gallery about 2 years ago that was pretty mind-blowing. Of course being in Atlanta it's not hard to see him. Used to live in the same neighborhood as Bradford; nice kid; used to have conversations w/ him. It's good to see a local band start to gain national exposure for me; there was quite a local drought after we had a smoking hot local scene from around 87-98. It just died pretty hard; lot of the bands seemed to have pretty hardcore drug problem or they hit their mid-20's and have to get real jobs; then the "yuppies" invaded the hip, hip areas like Little 5 points, Candler Park, and Decatur.
Of course a lot of other local bands are struggling to sell records and even get people at their shows, but there's still an ever-standing attitude in Atlanta to grind against the big record companies. A big blue-grass scene popped up within the last 5 years and it's got a lot of soul.

Hey, let's hear about your local scene; other than Athens and Atlanta hard for me to speculate.

Jan 06, 2009, 03:29