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Athens, GA part 1
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Athens, GA part 1

ok, got on a post writing about scenes. I caught Athens, Ga from 90-96. W/o too much mention of REM it was crazy; people in my frosh class would come from NY and even Germany just b/c REM was from there. So yah, we embraced a whole hoarde of bands; I think it was kind of cool; you had college super groups like Widespread Panic, Allgood, and Drivn & Cryn, and Pylon. Those were the heydays I guess. Then you had bands like Macha and all the later groups from the Kindercore records scene. I guess somewhere in between the bottom fell out. 94-96. A lot of bad grunge bands were out; terrible sound; deafening at times. I'll try and think of some more good stories, but was on a kick.

Jan 06, 2009, 03:42