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Laetita photos from last evening...
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Re: Laetita photos from last evening...

meanchico wrote:
I'm pissed I didn't make it to that show. Waxenpith and I went to Laetitia/Beirut and the chatter was rough. At one point she politely addressed it: "this song is a quiet song (Statues Can Bend); I hope you can hear it." le sigh.

she sure looks good though! she also sang a stripped down version of "International Colouring Contest." evidently she also swims every day. just CD's and vinyl at the merch table.

I was hesitant about the haircut, but she rocks it. she's so beautiful!

Yeah, and after saying "I hope you can hear it.", she said something like "over all the people who are talking their heads off" and later said it sounded like a train station. I was pretty pissed off at all the talking going on over Laetitia's show. It was mostly a pretty young crowd there to see Beruit and some around me didn't know who LS was. A girl next to me said "Did she say Stereolab?" when she announced the Stereolab cover. At the Abbey Pub show, a girl up in the left balcony near the stage on the left talking a lot, and at one point Laetitia said "I can hear you talking. No, really, I can hear you talking".

I was looking for you, but couldn't spot you. I was with my gf near the middle, maybe 10 rows back. :(

I was fortunate enough to go to both shows. The Abbey Pub show was much better (although mostly the same songs), because it was much quieter and a very small crowd.

At the Abbey show, she mentioned before The Swimm that she wasn't able to swim that day, so I thought it was funny at the Congress show she pointed to her mouth and said "See this smile? I went swimming today! I'm happy, happy!"

I was able to get her autograph on The Trip LP at the Abbey show; she was hanging out at the bar in the back during Sam Prekop. She's very nice. I mentioned that I thought a lot of people got tix to the Congress show before the Abbey show was announced.

We left after 2.5 Beruit songs, and the merchandise guy had left his station to watch the show, so I couldn't buy Laetitia's record!!

Sep 27, 2011, 17:15


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