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Laetita photos from last evening...
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Re: Laetita photos from last evening...

vivakomeda wrote:
I've always felt like 2/3 of concert-goers don't really give a shit about the music.

These big festivals are the best illustration of that. You pay $xxx.00, bring a tent and the cheapest possible booze and pot, and maybe see a band or two if you have the time.

See, I understand the festival crowd talking because, well, it is a festival so you are there to socialise and booze on and maybe only desperately want to see four bands.

But I can't understand it at gigs when people do it during the headline act. It happened at Broadcast during the quieter bits. And it annoys me that people who are near the front do it. It also annoys me now when people do it near the back as I often cannot be bothered jockeying for the front.

Back to festivals, it annoys when people razz a band they don't like. My view is, just shut up or go elsewhere; other people like the music.

Finally, I like Beirut (well, at least the first album). I saw him live at a festival too and was impressed. I already liked his album and the live sound with the brass and whatnot was good. I wouldn't rush to the front. Just sit on the hill and chill (and maybe chat to my friends HA)

Oct 13, 2011, 12:28


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