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Occupy Wall Street
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: Occupy Wall Street

You know, vivakomeda, we really must be on different wavelengths, or else our understanding of this whole thing would not be so conflicting.

First you assume that these people ought to earn, rather than be given a good life. Well, I suppose these people might prefer to live in a society where access to health care and tertiary education are human rights rather than privileges enjoyed mainly by those who are rich. I just can't accept that health is solely a matter of wealth, and the current cost of American college education is just outrageous, I can think of not a single country where a college degree is that expensive.

Second, you seem to write it all off as aimless noisemaking without any substance. So what's the better alternative: that whenever cost of living goes up radically and the powers that be are making decision that are increasingly disenfranchising the general populace, should the populace just swallow all this crap up and sit there submissively while hoping against hope that perhaps as an individual they may fare just a little bit better in the harder times?

I have no problem with people exercising their democratic right to protest and voice their dissatisfaction with the increasing plutocracy that seems to be the norm in not just USA but in many countries. Why should we put up with the crap of having our lives decided entirely by the whims of big businesses, insurance companies and banksters?

Oct 03, 2011, 08:50


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