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Occupy Wall Street
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Re: Occupy Wall Street

I agree with vivakomeda in that a lot of these stories read like hyperbolic whinging. I think their own cases suggest a lack of personal responsibility and poor planning. For example, why doesn't the guy have a degree at 27 after forking out 40 grand?
I also dislike the inclusion of illness such as cancer in their list of complaints. Whilst it is very sad, it is not made clear why this is relevant. If a tea party person said "I have cancer and I pay too much tax" we would all ask why they mentioned the cancer. I don't want to award the prize for debating to the person with the worst illness.
My point is that I strongly agree with the complaints against Wall Street bailouts. I therefore dislike people making spurious arguments or attaching their own beef to this debate as it muddies a deductively valid argument that the payouts were obscene and wasteful.
People like Michael Moore with his scattergun approach and those with a poster blaming their woes on Wall Street are easy targets for anybody who is intelligent enough to see through their emotive and illogical arguments.

Oct 05, 2011, 20:25


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