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Occupy Wall Street
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Re: Occupy Wall Street

I guess the thing that annoys me about Moore is that he appears to subscribe to the theory that the truth is simply a battle of competing theories. It may have been Strauss or somebody like that who originally saw that the truth or reality was a competition between different points of view and the truth was established through these battles.

Now in part, I could agree with that if those who were competing were being honest in their own views and expressing what they truly believed. The problem is that people pretend that their intentions are one thing when they are really another. So rich people rarely say they are cutting wages so that they can be richer. Companies rarely say they are polluting the atmosphere or a river because it is cheaper than being environmentally friendly.

Moore has caught onto this propaganda model and decided that the way to battle half truths is to fight fire with fire. He manipulates, omits, emphasises and exaggerates to get his message across. In part, he has been very successful and managed to achieve left wing goals or get the left wing story out there.

The problem is, he has allowed the game to be played the same way and condoned the rules of the game. The problem of society as I see it is that it is not necessarily capitalism or communism that is right or wrong, they both might work. The problem is that a system built on lies will never work properly. If people are secretive, conniving, scheming and manipulating then there will always be a large part of the population that suffers and fights back against this dishonesty.

Equality through lies will never work, nor will trickle down, elitism, community, mutual obligation, survival of the fittest, libertarianism, humatarianism, humanism, liberal markets, free markets. None.

Oct 08, 2011, 00:57


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