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Occupy Wall Street
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Re: Occupy Wall Street

I think luck plays only a small part. To some extent, the outcomes of workers are luck but I would say most people who want to succeed in western countries can. I think the worst luck that some of these protesters had (cancer) has nothing to do with Wall St and everything to do with bad luck.

But your second point is important. I don't think we can let those who don't succeed starve, turn to crime etc. Some provision must be made and some share of the wealth must come their way. But those people must know that the wealth that is coming their way during these times in temporary and given by those who work (mostly the working and middle class who cannot fiddle their taxes). I don't think people who stuff up can expect everything be done for them but they should be helped. I found those placards to be annoying because these people seemed to expect their life of woe to be solved by others. I think they must be helped, must not be tempted to commit crimes that hurt us all (by providing wealth, not the threat of prison) but once this is in place, get on with it. Part of getting on with it is the assurance of fair pay for working 40 hours per week.

Oct 13, 2011, 04:17


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