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religon isn't hip
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religon isn't hip

i'm not religous, but i believe the bible is quite powerful. yet attitudes towards religon makes it a no go area.

these days i think there is to much confusion towards God. as attitudes all cancel each other out. from the extreme right wing approach, to some london guy seeing relivance in the bible, or neo-pagan rubbish. i'm not into that.

people think there is no God due to cleche attitudes conflicting. people look for details in the bible, they see significance. but they are strange. but i believe the bible has power.

old and new testiment, i suppose. but more old.

dunno about new, which cancels my view, as christianity is the biggest religon.

but there is energy in oldand new testiment. but i feel the true power of god is too obscure to is in the modern world. unorthodox views are concealed buy borgois(sp).

i feel attitudes towards reilgon are wrong. as inorder to have depth, they must be to right wing or leftist dabbling rubbish. it leads us to believe there is afterlife.

is there no afterlife, can spirituality be explained by science?

Oct 05, 2011, 22:42